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Twenty Digimon Facts

Little Stories To Tell

20 Digimon Facts
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20 Digimon Fanfiction Facts
Welcome to 20_digimon! Let me explain what this place is, in case you're new. Here, you can claim a character, pairing, friendship, relationship...oh, anything at all, so long as it relates to Digimon in some fashion. Then you write out twenty facts about whatever it is you claimed and post it up for us all to enjoy! The facts can be actual canon or something you made up, it doesn't matter.

There are a few rules, though. Let's get that set out now.

  1. Your claim must come from a Digimon series. I don't care which one, as long as it's from one of them. To claim, go to this post and tell me what you want!
  2. Crossovers are allowed.
  3. Dub or sub can be used.
  4. You may have up to five claims. More than one person may claim the same character/pairing/etc. No one's going to write it all the same anyway. Right?
  5. You can claim literally anything or anyone. It can be a romance, a friendship, a character, a family, an item from the show(s), anything at all. As long as you can come up with twenty facts about it.
  6. Please use an LJ-cut when you post your story. That will save everyone's friendslist.
  7. When you post your story, please note your name, your claim, the rating, and any warnings or spoilers that might be involved. Also, for tags: I'll handle those, so don't worry about it.
  8. If you have any questions, please ask them here
  9. Once you've finished your claim, let me know so I can add you to the Hall of Fame! You can also drop your claim here.
  10. Be courteous! Concrit is welcome here, but try not to be too mean about it.

Also, if anyone wants to make a banner for the page or make banners to send to those who complete their claims, then let me know and we can talk about it!

Go ahead, claim! You know you wanna.